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Shipping – Update 

Hi all – following our August promotion for free shipping we are having problems getting it back to normal! Rods currently have a £10 shipping charge on them due to size etc. but if you are buying more than one then please get in contact and we’ll only charge you for the shipping on the first rod.

Reels and other item will also have a fixed rate for the moment: though if you are lucky enough to purchase one before its entry is updated then it will still be postage free! As above please get intouch if you have a multiple purchase and we’ll see what we can do.

Hopefully shouldnt take us too long to get sorted out – in the meantime you are likely to see some odd calculations up until the point you pay on paypal (when it will be correct).

Apologies in advance –


Holiday fishing 

Many thanks to all for their patience whilst we took a well earned break at the start of August. Thanks to the miracles of modern technology we were able to keep in touch with all customers but not despatch orders as fast. Apologies to the customer who wanted to buy the Ambidex that had already been sold – whippings have been administered to the staff concerned!

Whilst on holiday in Somerset I did manage to get some fishing in thanks to a cunningly hidden travel rod (oh – for a Hardy’s smuggler!). On one site I fished a ludicrously over stocked pond of about 3/4 acre. Middle son managed to catch 72 fish (mainly rudd) on his whip and even youngest son was able to “bag up” on 3-4lb carp – and he’s 3! Needless to say yours truly was disgusted – and resorted to fly fishing for carp and rudd using a Hardy Favourite in order to give the poor fish a sporting chance. Luckily I didn’t get a take from one of the larger carp (12lbs +) or I might be regretting a smashed rod now.

Special Offer: FREE postage! 

Many customers have already taken advantage of our current special offer: free P&P. ALthough your cart will show up P&P this will not be charged if you pay by paypal. This offer will run until the 15th August.

Fly fishing season finally up and running! 

The VFC used the cover of the Roayl Wedding to get lake side and flick a fly or two at the trout. An old Hardy wand did the business and finally tricked a rainbow into making its last mistake. Several others hooked but lost. My grateful thanks to East Tuddenham Fishery for a fabulous day’s sport at a very reasonable price.

(Coarse) Landing and Keep Nets 

Following several enquiries I thought it time to post on this topic: mainly to say that the VFC doesn’t generally stock or source either genuine vintage landing nets or keep nets. The mesh on old nets is almost always of the knotted variety that is frowned upon these days due to the potential damage that can be done to fish.

The VFC may also stock vintage trout and salmon landing nets, including those with a knotted large mesh: and will offer a net replacement service for those who wish to use a modern fish-friendly net instead of the orginal knotted net.

First cast of the season almost here! 

Where one door closes another opens – in the case of this angler that means his first visit of the year to a trout lake! To be honest I’m not much of a fly fisherman so I’ve had to compromise vintage with practicality in choosing my outfit with which to improve: twinning a 2o something year old Hardy rod with a Youngs Beaudex from the 1960’s. A few trial casts over the lawn have gone OK – all seems balanced and comfortable… now to do battle in earnest!

Close Season 

The VFC urges all anglers to adhere to the traditional Close Season on all waters – even fish deserve a holiday! Now is the time to put our tackle in order, make the odd ourchase from the VFC perhaps, and earn some brownie points at home (safe in the knowledge that the fishing will be rubbish anyway as the fishes’ minds will be on other things than eaing – like making sure there are plenty more fish to catch in years to come.

Why not plan your opening day party instead? a fabulous way to start off the fishing year culminating in the ceremonial fisrt cast into your chosen venue. One year a fellow angler had so much good cheer that his first cast missed the lake and hi overexuberance led to him having an early bath intead! Of such things are legends made…..