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Perch – 3lb 

This bristling stripey was taken by John D using an unamed cane rod, the classic Rapidex reel and using a perch bob and livebait. Tipping the scales at a grain or two over 3lb it was his best perch to date!

John D Perch

Tench – 9lb 2oz 

A fabulous piece of traditional angling saw customer Colin C catch this monster tinca using a tiny size 14 hook and using the old school “lift method” (though he confesses that he wasn’t actually paying attention and never saw the float go!). Tackle was a Sealey Precision rod and a Chris Lythe centrepin.

CC Tench

Perch – 3lb 2oz 

Caught on that often overlooked bait (prawn) by our old customer Mark G using an Allcocks Holdwell and the Rolls Royce of centrepins – a Hardy Conquest (not the futuristic perforated one!) this Sergeant was a new personal best (thus the grin I suspect!)

MG Perch

Perch – 3lb 1oz 

Congratulations to Fred B on this fabulous stripey taken on an Aspindale Aero and with a Purist II centrepin, porcupine quill and trusty lobworm. Taken from a farm pool the fish has really started to develop the characteristic hump of the large perch.

FB Perch

FB Perch 2

Split cane landing net handle 50″ 

The latest, and in my eyes at least, greatest creation by Mr. Jim Arnold – what was once a fabulous rod has been given new life as a landing net handle – with an excellent quality cork handle, giving it excellent grip, and finished with brass fittings. Whipped in copper thread and maroon at the ferule and butt – with plenty of strengthening maroon intermediates in between – this must be one of the strongest handles we’ve had in of this type. The solid 3/4″ daimeter hexagonal built cane handle has “VFC” carefully inked onto it and the end is finished with an brass end cap and rubber button. Was once an Elasticane carp rod – so able to take the heaviest carp net heads: or could be used as a trout net handle.

A joy – give it a split cane or modern net head and be the envy of the bankside!

Postage can be combined with other net handles/ heads or rods – the difference being refunded upon receipt of your order.


Well after a brief delay the new stock of reels is here – with rods to follow early next week. We are processing them as fast as we can – and uploading to the site in batches – so please bear with us! As well as a couple of excellent Hardy rods, a mixture of hollow glass rods and some rare cane rods we have a bumper load of Mitchell 300’s in excellent condition and some lovely offering from Allcocks and others.

As always there are a few reels that will need some work before they can be offered for sale – but look out for a Hardy Hardex, Ambidex No.6 and some black trudexes that will beavailable before long.

Shed heaven! 

Take a look at regular customer Robert’s fabulous shed – what a brilliant collection and so well displayed: I particularly like the cunning use of cup hooks! It reminds me very much of a club shed that I had tea in once – I think it was on the Royalty but the old memory is not what it used to be.

How jealous are we? Put a kettle and a biscuit barrel in there and I wouldn’t ever come out!

Barney’s Fishing presentation! 


Check out Barney’s (age 8 years old) presentation on fishing!

The VFC joins Facebook! 

In an attempt to show that we aren’t all about split cane, pipe and slippers (though we rate all 3 pretty highly here at the VFC!) The Vintage Fishing Company has opened up it sown Facebook page. Here we will pdate on recent stock intakes, give auction reports for recent auctions the VFC has attended and run some competitions and possible even a valuation service.

More importantly than all that we hope that the VFC page will grow into an online community of Vintage Fishing enthusiasts where right minded Vintage Anglers (or “Vanglers” as they are becoming known here at VFC Towers!) can converse on topics of mutual interest, compare notes and even arrange to get off the computer and go fishing together.

We very much hope that this community will flourish and The Vintage Fishing Company will support in any way it can – initially through updating teh Facebook page and providing some initial stimulus. So don’t delay – join today! When we’ve worked out how to add the Facebook button etc. to the main site then we’ll do so – until then just search for “The Vintage Fishing Company” on Facebook and add us as a friend!

Best wishes

Carriage Costs – IMPORTANT NOTICE! 

Hi all – we are still wrestling with getting the right formula for P&P on the new site, so thanks for bearing with us! As things currently stand your cart charges you postage on each item you put into it: but clearly if you are buying more than one rod, for example, they can be posted in the same tube and a significant saving made.

For the moment what we are doing is refunding you the cost of the additional carriage costs and will inform you of this in an email when we recieve your order. Bit of a faff – and we’ll continue to try to get something more statisfactory in place – but the best we can do at the mo.