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Free Resources

Below you will find a series of guides relating to all things vintage angling related. We hope to build these guides up quickly – but there are only so many hours in the day (and we have to squeeze some fishing in too!) so if there is a particular question you have that isn’t covered by a guide then please get in touch via the Facebook page and we’ll try and get back to you as soon as we can.

Please note: as with many things in life there are differences of opinion on almost everything. The guides represent the VFC’s best advice on a topic gained from experience – but others will have their own thoughts. The VFC accepts no liability for any damage etc. caused by those following advice from the guides: so use your own common sense rather than following blindly! An example: the VFC guide on cane rods suggests that if ferrules are too tight then a polish with fine wire wool can solve the problem. Others will tell you that you should never use anything abrasive on ferrules (though rather unhelpfully they don’t suggest an alternative way to fix the problem).

The downloads are currently in MS Word format, this may mean that you have to save them to your computer and then open them with MS Word or a compatible viewer – as soon as we have a moment we will upload them as PDFs too.

VFC Guide No. 1 Vintage Fishing

VFC Guide No. 2 Care of Cane Rods

VFC Guide No.3 Care of Greenheart Rods

VFC Guide No.4 Spliced Joints