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The VFC Traditional Angling Awards

To further the burgeoning traditional angling sport The VFC will be awarding its new Traditional Angling Awards. Sadly (due to a lack of the right badges!) not all fish species are represented – but a fair few are.

Like other Angling specimen awards there are target weights for each species – but unlike others, I know Traditional Anglers are gentlemen who would never falsify a claim or other similar skulduggery, so none of that faffing around with witness statements and such nonsense: send me your address, basic details (location [as general as you like!], tackle used, date etc. and a photo (mainly for the gallery!) of the fish preferably with the tackle it was caught on: must be a cane (modern made or vintage) or h/glass rod and vintage reel (by which we mean more than 20 yrs old or so, though its more of a concept than a rule! or modern centre pin at a pinch) and I’ll send you a pewter fish badge of the relevant species and a VFC Award certificate (ooooooooo! I hear you cry!) to grace your flat hat/ Norfolk jacket/ Barbour etc. (the badge – not the certificate… unless you want to of course)! Some have further conditions for a bit of variety, and to make the challenge a little different to the usual.

Mirror Carp – must be taken on floating bread: 20lb
Common Carp – on any float tackle and using a natural bait: 25lb
Pike – 20lb
Roach – 1.75lb by trotting on a river / canal/ broad etc.
Rudd – 1.75lb (the badge will look remarkably like the roach badge I’m afraid….)
Perch – 3lb
Barbel – 12lb on a natural bait and from a river/ canal etc.
Chub – 5.5lbs on a natural bait and from a river/ canal/ broad etc.
Tench – 8lbs
Bream – 10lb

I would do others (Dace/ Eels etc.)- but haven’t got pin badges for them (I’d probably include one for signal crayfish hit with a hammer or zander shot with a rifle – but hey ho!)!! I’ll run the Awards for the summer – or at least until I’ve run out of badges! – maybe longer.

Its all just a bit of fun: if its your cup of tea then crack on! Photos of Award winners are here.