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Got something to sell? PLEASE READ

We are alwyas interested in purchasing unwanted items of vintage fishing tackle – particularly those by English makers such as Hardy, Allcocks, B. James etc. We try to offer you a fair price – based upon our sales experience and recent prices realised at auction – and will always tell you how much we intend to offer the item for sale for so you can judge for yourself whether our offer is fair.

It is likely that, when reseraching the value of a bit of tackle you are seeking to sell, that you will see it up for sale on tackle or auction sites (“Buy it Now” entries) at greatly inflated prices. We do not believe that these prices reflect a realistic value of the tackle – nor is it liklely that if you are to approach such dealers they will offer you anything like what they hope to realise from the item (but good luck if you try it!). We are all about offering our customers quality and value – so are not prepared to overcharge for tackle that we have for sale.

If you have an item for sale then get in touch giving as many details as possible that you can find – model name, maker, reg. marks etc. Include an honest appraisal of the condition of the item – including detailing any damage. If we are interested in the item then we will get back to you requesting photos. If we then make an offer, which you accept, we will pay you half of the agreed price up front – by paypal transfer, bank transfer or cheque to suit you – and ask you to mail the item to us (we only collect from Norfolk or North Suffolk). Please send the item by insured post and get a tracking number! I’m afraid we can’t help with the costs of postage but do take┬áthem into account when making our offer. Upon receipt of the item, assuming it is in the kind of condition that you said it was and that no major unforseen repairs etc. are required, we will pay you the second half of the agreed price in the same manner as before.

Sometimes we are not interested in buying an item outright for a variety of reasons – or you may not like our offer price – in which case it may be that we offer to sell the item on commission for you. In this situation we agree a pricing strategy – initial price, reduced price including if/ when we would offer an item at a reduced price, possibly even when we would put an item into auction for you. Once agreed you send us the tackle item at your own cost and we take it from there – advertising the item for sale through our site and by offering it to our network of contacts. For this service we take 20% of the final realised sale price.