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Allcocks Match Aerial 4.5″ in box – £ 150.00Sold Out

Allcocks Match Aerial 4.5″ in box

Sold Out

“Endorsed by Billy Lane as ‘The finest trotting reel ever made.’

While the Standard Models of the Allcock AERIAL Reel have been widely acclaimed by the most discerning anglers it has been felt that a narrow drum fast-recovery version of this famous reel would offer many additional advantages.

The new Allcock ‘Match Aerial’ will appeal particularly to the angler who specialises in long trotting as the ultra lightweight drum will yield line at the least pull from a small float in a gentle current.

With the pins spaced only 1/4 inch from the rim of the drum the recovery rate is obviously very high, and the 4 1/2 inch overall diameter ensures ample line capacity for any appropriate use. (i.e. over 200 yds of 8lb test monofilamnet). Clearance between rear flange of the drum and frame has been reduced to permit the use of the finest monofilament lines and a new type non-fouling check button has been incorporated with this in mind.

Spindle and bush are ground to the finest tolerances and the balance is so perfect that an entirely new level of freedom of rotation has been achieved.” [Top Tackle 1965]

Basically its pretty good…………..

This example is finished in black, in great mechanical condition and is complete with its maker’s label. The finish is in fabulous condition with virtually no paint loss – though please not there is a small “ding) to the rim (pictured). Complete with its original labelled box. The reel runs like a dream – spinning for ages just like the day it was made. Treat yourself and spend your winter long trotting for roach and chub: if you haven’t tried this form of fishing then you haven’t lived (and will welcome the onset of Winter like a returning friend)!

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