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Milwards Swimversa (early) 12′ – £ 135.00Sold Out

Milwards Swimversa (early) 12′

Sold Out

One of Milwards’ most iconic rods, and featuring its famous “reverse taper” (under the handle) and “twin taper” (on the tip section) and whipped in the classic red and black jasper thread that was their trademark. This lovely 3 piece rod has the whole cane to whole cane step in the mid section that was a feature of the earlier versions of the rod, has high bell guides throughout (some have minor tarnishing marks on their legs but none are corroded) and with agate lined tip guides. Push in ferrules, turned wooden stoppers (these will have been commissioned for the rod) and good fitting (in-named) bag. All logos and writing fully intact – including the twin taper label on the tip section

A simply superb general float rod, in smashing condition, that will be the envy of the bank!