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J W Youngs Rapidex (black) – £ 55.00

J W Youngs Rapidex (black)


“Particular attention has been paid to the checkwork, bearings, safe grip handle and easy dismantling for cleaning. In addition, the following are special features:

1) exceptionally free running line drum, with bearing of pivotal centre-pin type.

2) fitted with a regulator by which the line drum can be controlled.

3) built in a contracted form with large diameter line drum, providing rapid recovery of line.

4) the complete diameter of the front flange of the line drum is accessible for manual control and the frame is so designed to give a perfect guard to the line at any position the line may leave the reel.

5) the clearance between the back flange of the line line drum and the frame is extremely fine, thus avoiding the finest of nylon lines fouling the mechanism”

[Youngs Catalogue, 1964]

In short – a great trotting reel and perfect for the beginner centre-pin enthusiast! This one is the black painted variety and retains much of its original finish (see photos). It is mechanically spot on, spinning well with no hint of a wobble.

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