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Youngs Pattern 9 3″ General Spinning Reel (in box) – £ 120.00Sold Out

Youngs Pattern 9 3″ General Spinning Reel (in box)

Sold Out

This smashing little centrepin, the grandfather of the Rapidex and co., was produced by J.W.Youngs from the mid-1930’s – this one can be more precisely dated to Aug 8th 1942 (the owner handily wrote this on the box along with his name!). With twin cream handles, alloy spool and back plate, lever cooperated check adjustable end screw. An unusual feature of this particular reel is that it is painted throughout (including the brass reel foot) with dark black paint – the famous “wartime finish” of the Youngs output of this time (the owner, being an older gentleman and a doctor was exempt from active service).

Runs superbly smoothly and for an age, in excellent condition throughout (see photos) and with its original box (this reel is unnamed – as many were – so retailed by a store such as Gamages rather than distributed by Allcocks as is more typical.

As always we will try and combine postage wherever possible – refunding any excess on receipt of your order.