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Malloch’s 6x 3.5″ fly box – £ 40.00

Malloch’s 6x 3.5″ fly box


This lovely black japanned box is in excellent overall condition: the japanning is 90%+ intact on the exterior but has lifted considerably internally (as sometimes happens). No dints or dings at all, the only slight marring feature is the former owners initials scratched to the outside (“HMT” – Dr. Hubert Turnbull) and “3-″: but given that he also scratched the date when he did it (1907) we can perhaps forgive him this indiscretion! the box is of the thin (1/2″) type. Please note: does NOT come with pictured flies.

As always we will try and combine postage wherever possible – refunding any excess on receipt of your order. This item will be sent Special Delivery.