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REDUCED: RARE Youngs Trudex – 5.5″ version (black) – £ 100.00

REDUCED: RARE Youngs Trudex – 5.5″ version (black)


“A less expensive [than the Rapidex] model, constructed for Left or Right Hand Wind, is extremely efficient with all essentials such as Check-work, Bearings and other details as the higher priced models. In addition the following are special features:

1. Exceptionally free running line drum, with bearings of the pivotal centre-pin type.

2. Fitted with a regulator by which the line drum can be controlled.

3. Built in a contracted form with large diameter line drum, providing rapid recovery of line.

5. The clearance between the back flange of the line drum and the frame is extremely fine, thus avoiding the finest of Nylon lines fouling the mechanism.

4″ 67/6 each. ” [Top Tackle 1965 Catalogue Description]

The Trudex nows seems to be more favoured than the more expensive Rapidex by river anglers wishing to trot a float down river. The Trudex is the perfect entry-level trotting reel, and was manufactured between 1960-69. This example is in excellent working order with no play and spins well with no hint of a wobble, and has recently been serviced – the black paintwork shows some evidence of use in the usual places (such as around the rims). Overall about 85% of the bobble finish is intact and there are no dings or dents – the reel has its original alloy line guard.

PLEASE NOTE: this is the much rarer large version of the Trudex reel usually found in 4″.

Remember you can add a second reel to your order at no extra postage cost – the difference being refunded upon receipt of your order.