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Holiday fishing

Many thanks to all for their patience whilst we took a well earned break at the start of August. Thanks to the miracles of modern technology we were able to keep in touch with all customers but not despatch orders as fast. Apologies to the customer who wanted to buy the Ambidex that had already been sold – whippings have been administered to the staff concerned!

Whilst on holiday in Somerset I did manage to get some fishing in thanks to a cunningly hidden travel rod (oh – for a Hardy’s smuggler!). On one site I fished a ludicrously over stocked pond of about 3/4 acre. Middle son managed to catch 72 fish (mainly rudd) on his whip and even youngest son was able to “bag up” on 3-4lb carp – and he’s 3! Needless to say yours truly was disgusted – and resorted to fly fishing for carp and rudd using a Hardy Favourite in order to give the poor fish a sporting chance. Luckily I didn’t get a take from one of the larger carp (12lbs +) or I might be regretting a smashed rod now.