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Fly fishing season finally up and running!

The VFC used the cover of the Roayl Wedding to get lake side and flick a fly or two at the trout. An old Hardy wand did the business and finally tricked a rainbow into making its last mistake. Several others hooked but lost. My grateful thanks to East Tuddenham Fishery for a fabulous day’s […]

(Coarse) Landing and Keep Nets

Following several enquiries I thought it time to post on this topic: mainly to say that the VFC doesn’t generally stock or source either genuine vintage landing nets or keep nets. The mesh on old nets is almost always of the knotted variety that is frowned upon these days due to the potential damage that […]

First cast of the season almost here!

Where one door closes another opens – in the case of this angler that means his first visit of the year to a trout lake! To be honest I’m not much of a fly fisherman so I’ve had to compromise vintage with practicality in choosing my outfit with which to improve: twinning a 2o something […]

Close Season

The VFC urges all anglers to adhere to the traditional Close Season on all waters – even fish deserve a holiday! Now is the time to put our tackle in order, make the odd ourchase from the VFC perhaps, and earn some brownie points at home (safe in the knowledge that the fishing will be […]