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Mitchell 410A

Mitchell 410A£ 32.00 Sold Out

Great 1980’s reel from the ever reliable house of Mitchell (not Grant or Phil obviously!). The reel is in great mechanical condition and has suffered virtually no paint loss (small section on reel foot, where it goes under a reel band, missing). The reel comes with the vinyl protective case shown. As always we will […]

REDUCED: Millwards Wooden Nottingham reel 4″

REDUCED: Millwards Wooden Nottingham reel 4″£ 60.00

Companies like Millwards made many wooden reels over the course of their existence – even as late as the 1960’s – but this one is a bit special! Its in superb condition – its probably only seen a rod once or twice – and even has its maker’s box (repaired – one side of the […]

Hardy The Princess fly reel

Hardy The Princess fly reel£ 110.00

Made between 1951 and 2003 (this one dates to around 1970) The Princess was one of Hardy’s more successful later creations, part of its post-war “Lightweight” series – with concentric rows of ventilations to reduce weight, 2 screw finger latch, optional left or rhw and nickel silver U shape line guard. The example here is […]

Hardy Prince 7/8

Hardy Prince 7/8£ 100.00

Made between 1984 -1991 The Prince was noted for the introduction of a novel new check system (its in the drum arbor!) and for the new “twist” check mechanism located on the back plate. Well built reels that were popular accompaniments to the Hardy Graphite rods of the time. The example here is in great […]

Hardy St John 3 7/8ths in zip case

Hardy St John 3 7/8ths in zip case£ 195.00

The St. John, which was in production between 1923 and 1993 (this one dates to c. 1950s), was designed as a light salmon reel. With 2 screw latch fitting, ribbed brass foot (unfiled) and rim mounted tension adjuster, this was a robust reel that has found favour in recent years with anglers in both Canada […]

Allcocks Aerial popular 3″ in box

Allcocks Aerial popular 3″ in box£ 290.00 Sold Out

“Solid front rim, check button on back, patent regulating drag adjustable to any tension according to weight of bait, white xylonite handles” [Allcocks Anglers Guide 1938] Produced between 1927 – 1962 this was the unventilated version of the famous Aerial and was one of the most successful designs of that famous reel family. This is […]

Hardy Perfect (1950’s) 3 5/8″ with white agate lineguard

Hardy Perfect (1950’s) 3 5/8″ with white agate lineguard£ 240.00

First made in 1890 the Hardy Perfect is, for most, the quintessential fly reel. Beloved of collectors and anglers alike it is the reel upon which Hardy built its fame and went through many iterations. With single handle, correct alloy foot, round circular stamped logo and rim mounted tension screw the reel dates from c. […]

J W Youngs Rapidex (black)

J W Youngs Rapidex (black)£ 55.00

“Particular attention has been paid to the checkwork, bearings, safe grip handle and easy dismantling for cleaning. In addition, the following are special features: 1) exceptionally free running line drum, with bearing of pivotal centre-pin type. 2) fitted with a regulator by which the line drum can be controlled. 3) built in a contracted form […]

Mitchell 308 Prince

Mitchell 308 Prince£ 22.00 Sold Out

Basically a mini 300 – great reel that is rightly sought after by those in the know. The example here is in great mechanical condition with very little loss of finish (a little wear to the reel foot, please see photos). Remember you can add a second reel at no extra postage cost – the […]

Mitchell Match reel

Mitchell Match reel£ 30.00

Another great reel from the Mitchell stable – with optional anti-reverse and high speed gearing. The example here is in superb mechanical condition and has minimal loss of finish (a little rubbing to the reel foot as is typical). Remember you can add a second reel at no extra postage cost – the difference being […]