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Matching Results: VFC Award Winners’ Gallery

Perch – 3lb

This bristling stripey was taken by John D using an unamed cane rod, the classic Rapidex reel and using a perch bob and livebait. Tipping the scales at a grain or two over 3lb it was his best perch to date!

Tench – 9lb 2oz

A fabulous piece of traditional angling saw customer Colin C catch this monster tinca using a tiny size 14 hook and using the old school “lift method” (though he confesses that he wasn’t actually paying attention and never saw the float go!). Tackle was a Sealey Precision rod and a Chris Lythe centrepin.

Perch – 3lb 2oz

Caught on that often overlooked bait (prawn) by our old customer Mark G using an Allcocks Holdwell and the Rolls Royce of centrepins – a Hardy Conquest (not the futuristic perforated one!) this Sergeant was a new personal best (thus the grin I suspect!)

Perch – 3lb 1oz

Congratulations to Fred B on this fabulous stripey taken on an Aspindale Aero and with a Purist II centrepin, porcupine quill and trusty lobworm. Taken from a farm pool the fish has really started to develop the characteristic hump of the large perch.