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Hardy Roach Perfection MK II – 11ft

Hardy Roach Perfection MK II – 11ft£ 375.00 Sold Out

This superb 2 piece roach rod was made between 1934-55 and is, in my view, the best roach rod that Hardy ever made. The example here has been completely refurbished by master rod-builder Paul Cook, but he has kept to the original burgundy whippings throughout. Clear original agate lined tip and butt guide, new (correct) […]

Early Chapmans 550 Carp rod 10′ – restored by Paul Cook

Early Chapmans 550 Carp rod 10′ – restored by Paul Cook£ 200.00 Sold Out

Chapmans rods have rightly got a bit of a reputation in recent years for the quality of their build. The 550 offered here is their 2 piece + detachable handle carp rod, 1.5lb test curve, with open bridge guides (agate lined tip and butt), brass push in ferrules and 28″ detachable cork handle. This is […]

Allcocks Record Breaker 10 1/2′

Allcocks Record Breaker 10 1/2′£ 175.00 Sold Out

“General purpose bottom rod for float fishing and light ledgering. 3 joint built cane, cork handle, full stand off intermediate rings, agatine lined butt and end rings; sliding winch fittings and butt cap; two tone red and green whippings; partitioned rod bag” (Allcocks Anglers Guide 1965). A great all round rod – the example here […]

Hardy Fibalite Spinning rod 5/6lbs 7′

Hardy Fibalite Spinning rod 5/6lbs 7′£ 140.00 Sold Out

Made in the mid-1970’s this brown hollow glass rod is in “as new” condition: it looks like its just come off the production line! Whipped in the traditional Hardy green, tipped red and with chrome high bell guides (clear glass lined tip eye) the 2 piece rod is its original bag and ready to fish. […]

Hardy Fred Taylor Trotter 11′ 3″

Hardy Fred Taylor Trotter 11′ 3″£ 135.00 Sold Out

Great brown glass fibre, 2 piece (+ detachable handle), trotting rod that was made for a single year (1973). Whipped in the traditional Hardy green with red tippings, high bell chrome guides and agatine lined butt and tip guides. The example here is in very good condition: some of the whippings have staining to them […]

Milwards Swimversa (early) 12′

Milwards Swimversa (early) 12′£ 135.00 Sold Out

One of Milwards’ most iconic rods, and featuring its famous “reverse taper” (under the handle) and “twin taper” (on the tip section) and whipped in the classic red and black jasper thread that was their trademark. This lovely 3 piece rod has the whole cane to whole cane step in the mid section that was […]

Sharpes Spinning Rod – 7.5′ With twin tips

Sharpes Spinning Rod – 7.5′ With twin tips£ 100.00 Sold Out

A heavy(ish) impregnated cane salmon spinning rod from the Sharpes factory: name is missing from the label but I suspect its a J. S. Sharpe. Whipped in the classic Sharpes burgundy (with the copper thread lower butt guide and butt section ferrule whips you’d expect from Sharpes), with low bridge guides and original extended wooden […]

The “Hardly Perfection” Minnow – 2′ Limited Edition

The “Hardly Perfection” Minnow – 2′ Limited Edition£ 90.00

When my friend Richard first showed me photographs of the mad project that he was undertaking I knew I had to get some for The Vintage Fishing Company! “Splendidly bonkers” as one person described them – these miniature rods measure just 24″ long and yet are as beautifully crafted as a full size rod: of […]

J Stephenson 7′ spinning rod

J Stephenson 7′ spinning rod£ 75.00 Sold Out

I came across this unexpectedly in a job lot that I purchased and fell instantly in love: its the first Stephenson rod I’ve ever seen (so something of a rarity) though their reels come up fairly frequently. Whipped in traditional burgundy throughout, with oodles of inters, and with alloy reel bands and winding check on […]

W. A. Allcocks “Adonis” 11′

W. A. Allcocks “Adonis” 11′£ 110.00 Sold Out

Although W. A. Allocks is less famous than the other tackle maker of the same name (no relation apparently!) the Adonis has established a name for itself in its own right in recent years as a great barbel and carp rod, with a heavier test curve than most of its age. It is a 3 […]