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Matching Results: Farlow and Sharpes

Sharpes Spinning Rod – 7.5′ With twin tips

Sharpes Spinning Rod – 7.5′ With twin tips£ 100.00 Sold Out

A heavy(ish) impregnated cane salmon spinning rod from the Sharpes factory: name is missing from the label but I suspect its a J. S. Sharpe. Whipped in the classic Sharpes burgundy (with the copper thread lower butt guide and butt section ferrule whips you’d expect from Sharpes), with low bridge guides and original extended wooden […]

Sharpe’s “Scottie” fly rod – 9′ #6

Sharpe’s “Scottie” fly rod – 9′ #6£ 75.00

This 2 piece fly rod is made in Sharpe’s distinctive “impregnated” dark cane. Replete with chrome snake guides (chrome low bell stripping guide and tip ring), alloy screw down reel seat and characteristic deep purple whips this is a great “user” rod for someone just getting into fly fishing with traditional gear. Complete with original […]

Farlow’s “Elf” brook rod – 6′ 6″

Farlow’s “Elf” brook rod – 6′ 6″£ 225.00

Rated for #4 – #5 lines, this rod is silk whipped in a lovely deep dark brown with a slight metallic sheen. Alloy reel fittings, snake guides and suction joint. Complete with original named bag this is a lovely little rod for a spot of wild brown trout wangling. As always we will try and […]

Farlows Fly Box 6 x 3.5″

Farlows Fly Box 6 x 3.5″£ 20.00 Sold Out

Useful black japanned fly tin marked internally for Farlows (the presence of the 2 addresses indicates that this comes from the 1907-15 period). With 5 thumb spring sections, each internally partitioned to create 3 compartments. There is also a tweezer holder (tweezers long gone I’m afraid!) and a separate cast compartment in the lid. The […]

J. S . Sharpe 9′ #6 fly rod

J. S . Sharpe 9′ #6 fly rod£ 85.00 Sold Out

An impregnated cane rod by the famous Aberdeen maker – snake guides (lined stripping guide and pitchfork tip eye), alloy screw down reel fitting, cork handle and original purple/maroon whips. We’ve given the whips a fresh coat of varnish to freshen them up a little. The Scottie dog transfer on this one is about 85% […]

“The J.S Sharpe” Heavy Spinning Rod 9′ 3″

“The J.S Sharpe” Heavy Spinning Rod 9′ 3″£ 120.00 Sold Out

A great heavy salmon spinning rod in impregnated cane from Sharpes of Aberdeen and bearing all their hallmarks: copper whipping to ferrules and lower butt eye leg, alloy reel fittings and deep maroon whippings. The wire butt eye looks at some point to have been bent out of shape and then bent back(its fine now) […]

Sharpes “The Gordon” 3.5″ Wide Drum salmon reel

Sharpes “The Gordon” 3.5″ Wide Drum salmon reel£ 45.00 Sold Out

In fabulous condition with only a few tiny chips to the paintwork this reel by Sharpes of Aberdeen has a constant check mechanism, perforated drum, cage construction and clear plastic handle. As always we will combine postage wherever possible – refunding any excess on receipt of your order.

Farlow Black Japanned Fly Reservoir (with quantity of flies)

Farlow Black Japanned Fly Reservoir (with quantity of flies)£ 200.00 Sold Out

This super black japanned fly box, with cream japanned interior, has 5 lift out trays with alloy tray inserts and clips to carry around 600 odd flies of various sizes. Probably originally intended as a salmon fly reservoir by the maker, the reservoir contains a mixed bunch of c. 200 flies for trout and salmon […]

3.75″  Charles Farlow brass salmon reel

3.75″ Charles Farlow brass salmon reel£ 100.00

Bearing the 191 The Strand address dates this reel to the period 1852-84 (probably more like 1852-70) and is a fine example by this famous maker. Of wide drum construction (1.75″ between the plates), the reel has no check mechanism, brass pillared construction and crank wind operation. The handle is turned ivory (one vertical crack, […]

Early Charles Farlow 6 piece Ash rod

Early Charles Farlow 6 piece Ash rod£ 150.00

With 3 greenheart tips this rod can be made up in variation sbetween c.11′ – 12′. Snkae guides, stained brass ferrules with all original wood/ brass stoppers, brass tube reel seat, engraved butt cap (see below) and fitted butt spear. This rod has been sympathetically and gently restored using matching thread and is now in […]