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Milwards Swimversa (early) 12′

Milwards Swimversa (early) 12′£ 135.00 Sold Out

One of Milwards’ most iconic rods, and featuring its famous “reverse taper” (under the handle) and “twin taper” (on the tip section) and whipped in the classic red and black jasper thread that was their trademark. This lovely 3 piece rod has the whole cane to whole cane step in the mid section that was […]

Millwards Wooden Nottingham reel 4″

Millwards Wooden Nottingham reel 4″£ 75.00

Companies like Millwards made many wooden reels over the course of their existence – even as late as the 1960’s – but this one is a bit special! Its in superb condition – its probably only seen a rod once or twice – and even has its maker’s box (repaired – one side of the […]

Millwards Float Rover 11′

Millwards Float Rover 11′£ 75.00 Sold Out

Just getting into fishing with cane and don’t want to splash out on a big “name” rod? Want something of an all-rounder? Look no further: feast your eyes upon the vastly under-rated Millward Floatrover. This 3 piece rod is whipped in orange, has a 17″ cork handle with trumpet finish, high bell guides (lined butt […]