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Farlow’s “Elf” brook rod – 6′ 6″

Farlow’s “Elf” brook rod – 6′ 6″£ 225.00

Rated for #4 – #5 lines, this rod is silk whipped in a lovely deep dark brown with a slight metallic sheen. Alloy reel fittings, snake guides and suction joint. Complete with original named bag this is a lovely little rod for a spot of wild brown trout wangling. As always we will try and […]

Olivers of Knebworth 10′ fly rod

Olivers of Knebworth 10′ fly rod£ 100.00

Smashing fly rod by Ted Oliver – trumpet shaped handle, rubber end button, screw up reel seat, low bridge guides throughout and whipped in a lovely golden yellow. Some of the varnish has cracked over a few whippings (see photos) but the guide as re firm and so we will infill these cracks and where […]

W. A. Allcocks “Adonis” 11′

W. A. Allcocks “Adonis” 11′£ 110.00 Sold Out

Although W. A. Allocks is less famous than the other tackle maker of the same name (no relation apparently!) the Adonis has established a name for itself in its own right in recent years as a great barbel and carp rod, with a heavier test curve than most of its age. It is a 3 […]

Allcocks Billy Lane Match rod (hollow glass) 13′

Allcocks Billy Lane Match rod (hollow glass) 13′£ 45.00 Sold Out

Early brown hollow glass rod by Allcocks – chrome high bells (agate lined butt and tip) guides, whipped in black/green jasper tipped black and with black inters, 25.5″ cork handle, sliding alloy reel bands, in great condition throughout and ready to fish. In vintage (unnamed but good fitting) bag. Designed by Allcocks with the great […]

W. Allcocks “Domino” 10′ or 12′ float rod

W. Allcocks “Domino” 10′ or 12′ float rod£ 80.00 Sold Out

Made by “the other Allcocks” this is 2 rods for the price of one! using the alternative handles I can be made up as either 10′ or 12′. Butt section is whole cane, lacquered black (as W. Allcocks and a few others did for a brief period) and with a generous 23″ cork handle and […]

W A Allcocks “Black Knight” 12′ float rod

W A Allcocks “Black Knight” 12′ float rod£ 80.00 Sold Out

A super rod from “the other Allcocks” with whole cane butt and mid sections (with a step down in the mid section) that have been lacquered black (thus the name I guess!), whole cane stepping down to a fine built cane tip section. 23″ trumpet shaped cork handle, alloy reel bands and black rubber button. […]

F T Williams “Rushton” 13′ 3 piece float rod

F T Williams “Rushton” 13′ 3 piece float rod£ 90.00 Sold Out

With its retail label still intact its easy to see that this rod, made by the often under-rated F T Williams, was retailed through Satchwells of Shirley. The butt section is of whole cane, with a generous 25″ cork handle and trademark red anodised reel bands and butt cap (black rubber button) – notably this […]

Millwards Float Rover 11′

Millwards Float Rover 11′£ 75.00 Sold Out

Just getting into fishing with cane and don’t want to splash out on a big “name” rod? Want something of an all-rounder? Look no further: feast your eyes upon the vastly under-rated Millward Floatrover. This 3 piece rod is whipped in orange, has a 17″ cork handle with trumpet finish, high bell guides (lined butt […]

Chapmans of Ware Fred Taylor Roach rod – 12′ 6″ hollow built

Chapmans of Ware Fred Taylor Roach rod – 12′ 6″ hollow built£ 250.00 Sold Out

Sadly Chapmans have closed their long standing Bowling Road workshop – though I understand that John is still making a few rods for old customers. For many years the Chapman output was overlooked except by those “in the know”: but now the 500, 550 and others are rightly being seen in a new light: as […]

REDUCED Allcock Wizard 11ft

REDUCED Allcock Wizard 11ft£ 150.00 Sold Out

“Although they are quite suitable for dealing with quick biting roach and dace, the power and reliability of the “Wizards” make them ideal for killing heavy, hard fighting carp, chub and barbel. 3 Joint, whole cane butt, built cane middle and top, cork handle, “Bell’s Life” intermediate rings, stand-off agate butt and end rings, sliding […]