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Matching Results: Allcocks and Youngs

Perfection Flick ‘Em 4″ Centrepin

Perfection Flick ‘Em 4″ Centrepin£ 80.00

This “Sheffield Style” trotting reel was first made by Homers around 1930 and versions were retailed by many companies up until the 1940’s. The version here was made by Youngs and retailed by them (as can be told from its title “Perfection Flick Em”) and is in the slightly more common 4″ size. Twin xylonite […]

Youngs Windex 4″

Youngs Windex 4″£ 60.00

Made between 1947 – 1966 the Windex is another of the great ted Young’s designs. Originally designated as a sea reel, the reel also quickly became well known as a salmon and pike spinning and trolling reel. It has the patented tension adjuster in the centre of the reel, removable line guard for l or […]

Delmatic Mark Two

Delmatic Mark Two£ 45.00 Sold Out

A superb reel – that encapsulates the great Redditch based British tackle industry, made from 1963, and considered by many experts to be the missing “Ambidex 8” model. Finished in a lovely white and black combination – with black plastic serrated flyer. It was probably the last Ambidex model offered – appearing in the final […]

Allcocks Lucky Strike

Allcocks Lucky Strike£ 120.00 Sold Out

“3 Joint, built cane, cork handle, full stand-off rings, mounted end ring, bronzed suction ferrules…” (1956 Allcocks Catalogue). One of the most popular Allcocks rods these days (probably due to its all built cane construction and the fact that a certain Mr. Yates is a deovtee!), the Lucky strike is a versatile tool – from […]

Allcocks SuperB in box

Allcocks SuperB in box£ 42.00 Sold Out

With its black painted finish and early knurled cap form this reel was introduced in 1939 as a 3:1 gear ratio threadline casting reel with slipping clutch, automatic pick-up and oscillating line drum. This post-war version of the reel is in great condition – retaining the vast majority of its finish, the line guard has […]

3.75″ Allcocks Aerial C815 (Black)

3.75″ Allcocks Aerial C815 (Black)£ 140.00 Sold Out

Model C815 (1946-66) version of this classic fishing reel – the last wide drum model made by Allcocks. Perfect for trotting or more general centrepin applications such as margin fishing etc. This reel has just been serviced so is in perfect mechanical order – spinning for an age. The reel retains much its original black […]

Allcocks Isis rod – 10′ 6″ (Gold Label)

Allcocks Isis rod – 10′ 6″ (Gold Label)£ 120.00 Sold Out

A fabulous example of this under-rated Allcocks rod that has been professionally restored to a superb standard and unused since: I’d put a large amount of money on a bet that its the handiwork of Jason White of Dorset, restorer to a certain Mr. Yates! 3 piece rod with 2 tips – a fibre glass […]

Youngs Trudex – Grey

Youngs Trudex – Grey£ 65.00 Sold Out

“A less expensive [than the Rapidex] model, constructed for Left or Right Hand Wind, is extremely efficient with all essentials such as Check-work, Bearings and other details as the higher priced models. In addition the following are special features: 1. Exceptionally free running line drum, with bearings of the pivotal centre-pin type. 2. Fitted with […]

Allcocks Aerial Match 9053 T1 4″ Centrepin

Allcocks Aerial Match 9053 T1 4″ Centrepin£ 750.00 Sold Out

“The Aerial Match (not to be confused with the post-war Match Aerial) is arguably one of the most aesthetically appealing Aerials”(Bob Singleton – The Allcock Aerial”) “Described as having ‘fully contracted drum (9/16” between the plates), allowing rapid line recovery. No reel runs so freely, although the pace can be regulated at will by the […]

Allcocks C815 Aerial 3.75″ Black

Allcocks C815 Aerial 3.75″ Black£ 140.00 Sold Out

“In 3 3/4” it is unequalled as a general spinning reel for salmon and pike, and as a float fishing reel. Its free running properties and perfect balance render it suitable for casting the very lightest of baits, and a screw drag is fitted to assist in casting heavier weights. So delicate is the balance […]