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Matching Results: Allcocks and Youngs

Allcocks Match Aerial 4.5″ in box

Allcocks Match Aerial 4.5″ in box£ 150.00 Sold Out

“Endorsed by Billy Lane as ‘The finest trotting reel ever made.’ While the Standard Models of the Allcock AERIAL Reel have been widely acclaimed by the most discerning anglers it has been felt that a narrow drum fast-recovery version of this famous reel would offer many additional advantages. The new Allcock ‘Match Aerial’ will appeal […]

Allcocks Record Breaker 10 1/2′

Allcocks Record Breaker 10 1/2′£ 225.00 Sold Out

“General purpose bottom rod for float fishing and light ledgering. 3 joint built cane, cork handle, full stand off intermediate rings, agatine lined butt and end rings; sliding winch fittings and butt cap; two tone red and green whippings; partitioned rod bag” (Allcocks Anglers Guide 1965). A great all round rod – the example here […]

Pinvin Phantom – “Jointed Minnow” pattern lure

Pinvin Phantom – “Jointed Minnow” pattern lure£ 4.50

Retailed through Allcocks this translucent plug comes from the twilight of the British tackle making industry (1965-9) – when companies like Allcocks and Lee (with whom they joined amongst others to create Top Tackle) imported lures like this from Japan. The lure itself is approximately 3.5″ long, has a “sinking” action and diving bib and […]

Allcocks/ Pinvin Perch crawler plug bait

Allcocks/ Pinvin Perch crawler plug bait£ 4.50

Retailed through Allcocks the Pinvin baits were described as: “a series of imported plug-baits, precision moulded from hard transluscent polystyrene. Life like finishes” (Allcocks Anglers Guide 1965). The life like finish included, in this instance, glittery sides! This “floater” bait is in great condition and is ready to fish. As always we will try and […]

Allcocks Aerial popular 3″ in box

Allcocks Aerial popular 3″ in box£ 290.00 Sold Out

“Solid front rim, check button on back, patent regulating drag adjustable to any tension according to weight of bait, white xylonite handles” [Allcocks Anglers Guide 1938] Produced between 1927 – 1962 this was the unventilated version of the famous Aerial and was one of the most successful designs of that famous reel family. This is […]

J W Youngs Rapidex (black)

J W Youngs Rapidex (black)£ 55.00

“Particular attention has been paid to the checkwork, bearings, safe grip handle and easy dismantling for cleaning. In addition, the following are special features: 1) exceptionally free running line drum, with bearing of pivotal centre-pin type. 2) fitted with a regulator by which the line drum can be controlled. 3) built in a contracted form […]

Allcocks Super Wizard 11′

Allcocks Super Wizard 11′£ 200.00 Sold Out

“3 joint, whole cane butt, built cane joint and top, cork handle, stand-off … agate rings throughout, sliding aluminium winch fittings, rubber button.” (1967 Allcocks Anglers Guide) Simply putt – a classic! A great river rod and all round float rod: the example here has a later rectangular label and has been completely restored by […]

Youngs Condex 3.5″ fly reel (black)

Youngs Condex 3.5″ fly reel (black)£ 7.50 Sold Out

Made between 1949 – 1969 (this one dates to the mid 1950’s) the Condex is a simple, fixed check fly reel that is a great example of the proverbial “bomb proof” design! An incredibly popular reel that shows the great design skills of Ted Young – cage body construction, simplicity and simplicity. The example here […]

Youngs Pattern 9 3″ General Spinning Reel (in box)

Youngs Pattern 9 3″ General Spinning Reel (in box)£ 120.00 Sold Out

This smashing little centrepin, the grandfather of the Rapidex and co., was produced by J.W.Youngs from the mid-1930’s – this one can be more precisely dated to Aug 8th 1942 (the owner handily wrote this on the box along with his name!). With twin cream handles, alloy spool and back plate, lever cooperated check adjustable […]

REDUCED: RARE Youngs Trudex – 5.5″ version (black)

REDUCED: RARE Youngs Trudex – 5.5″ version (black)£ 100.00

“A less expensive [than the Rapidex] model, constructed for Left or Right Hand Wind, is extremely efficient with all essentials such as Check-work, Bearings and other details as the higher priced models. In addition the following are special features: 1. Exceptionally free running line drum, with bearings of the pivotal centre-pin type. 2. Fitted with […]