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Reuben Heaton “The Ever Ready” scales

Reuben Heaton “The Ever Ready” scales£ 28.00

These large (8.75″ dia) scales by the famous Reuben Heaton company (still going incidentally) measure up to 8lbs and have clear Oz gradations. With an image of Izaak Wlaton and some classic centrepin style reels they certainly look the part! Sadly a little battered on the rear side (but still functioning well) – reflected in […]

Canvas and Leather tackle bag

Canvas and Leather tackle bag£ 32.00 Sold Out

These great bags are unnamed but I reckon they originate in East Germany in the 1980’s – where a lot of great tackle was made at little cost. Measuring 17 x 11 x 11″, with one main compartment made rigid with fibreboard inserts, 2 front pouches and 2 side pouches – these bags will swallow […]

Pike multi-tool in sheath

Pike multi-tool in sheath£ 22.00

A fabulous piece of German engineering: a piking multi-tool! Complete with 3.25″ blade, bottle opener, serrated edge, hook disorger (all contained in the handles – I forgot to photo this bit!), screw driver, needle nosed pliers, wire cutters, braid and line cutters. There’s even a hook sharpener glued to one handle (I suspect this was […]

Weed cutter

Weed cutter£ 5.00 Sold Out

In the days before well manicured commercial lakes you did your own gardening! This weed cutter will screw into any standard bank stick/ net handle and comes in its original leatherette pouch. Its still blinking sharp too…. As always we will try and combine postage on lots wherever possible – refunding any excess on receipt […]

The “Hardly Perfection” Minnow – 2′ Limited Edition

The “Hardly Perfection” Minnow – 2′ Limited Edition£ 90.00

When my friend Richard first showed me photographs of the mad project that he was undertaking I knew I had to get some for The Vintage Fishing Company! “Splendidly bonkers” as one person described them – these miniature rods measure just 24″ long and yet are as beautifully crafted as a full size rod: of […]

Avon Mk 7 Scales

Avon Mk 7 Scales£ 40.00

“For the dedicated fisherman” it says on the box – presumably not weighing every one of your fish but just putting them back shows a marked lack of dedication (I shall reprimand myself thoroughly). These scales were marketed through Leeda (though I believe the company that made them still exists) and are considered by many […]

Heron bite alarm (boxed)

Heron bite alarm (boxed)£ 42.00 Sold Out

Designed by the great Richard Walker, the Heron was the first widely available bite alarm – alerting anglers through the medium of a (loud!) buzzing noise and red light when the antenna that touches the line is disturbed. Still surprisingly effective despite innovations since – will thread onto any standard bank stick or suchlike (why […]

Hardy neoprene velcro case for fly reels

Hardy neoprene velcro case for fly reels£ 5.00 Sold Out

Modern Hardy case that will fit most fly reels.

Wheatley dry fly oil bottle

Wheatley dry fly oil bottle£ 15.00 Sold Out

Lovely little accessory this, made by Wheatleys (though unnamed) and retailed by various outlets including Allcocks dating to c. 1930. With leather strap to secure to waistcoat and applicator brush to underside of turned wooden stopper. Marked simply “England”. As always we will try and combine items wherever possible and refund any excess postage on […]

Salter spring balance – 0-11lb

Salter spring balance – 0-11lb£ 20.00

A great old example of the output of this superb old English company, makers of fishing balances for Hardy’s et al. With hand bar, and a good size at c.11″ from top of handle to bottom of hook. The indicator pin has been replaced at some point with a good brass replacement. As always we […]