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Matching Results: Centrepins and Baitcasters

Youngs Windex 4″

Youngs Windex 4″£ 60.00

Made between 1947 – 1966 the Windex is another of the great ted Young’s designs. Originally designated as a sea reel, the reel also quickly became well known as a salmon and pike spinning and trolling reel. It has the patented tension adjuster in the centre of the reel, removable line guard for l or […]

REDUCED Abu Ambassadeur 6000C in case

REDUCED Abu Ambassadeur 6000C in case£ 80.00

“The Cadillac in the reel world” according to its brochure – the 5000/ 6000 range by Abu are beautifully designed and engineered: many would argue that they are the pinnacle of baitcasting reels. The example here comes in its original rexine case and has its original oil bottle inside (no parts tube). Remember – we […]

REDUCED Strikeright Questaflow 4.25″ centrepin with line guard, box and papers

REDUCED Strikeright Questaflow 4.25″ centrepin with line guard, box and papers£ 40.00 Sold Out

“Designed after months of research in the workshop and on the riverbank, this ultra-light reel is ideal for the wandering angler, but particularly suited to long-trotting. Gap between the drum and back-plate has been gauged to allow for our wet climate, and rules out the old snag of the drum jamming through water or grit.” […]

WR Speedia (narrow drum)

WR Speedia (narrow drum)£ 55.00 Sold Out

A reel that has rightly come to be well appreciated by anglers – a smooth running, well built centrepin reel with the trademark tan handles, rim mounted optional check lever, pillared construction and lovely spinning action. The reel is sought after for trotting and other applications. In good mechanical condition very free spinning with only […]

3.75″ Allcocks Aerial C815 (Black)

3.75″ Allcocks Aerial C815 (Black)£ 140.00 Sold Out

Model C815 (1946-66) version of this classic fishing reel – the last wide drum model made by Allcocks. Perfect for trotting or more general centrepin applications such as margin fishing etc. This reel has just been serviced so is in perfect mechanical order – spinning for an age. The reel retains much its original black […]

Hardy Conquest 4 3/8″ Centrepin reel

Hardy Conquest 4 3/8″ Centrepin reel£ 150.00 Sold Out

The Conquest is Hardy’s fine trotting reel. With all the high quality engineering you’d expect to find of Hardy’s, the Conquest is very lightweight, with a wide drum core yet narrow width (just 5/8″ between the plates) – making the reel very popular with long trotters and stick float fishers. The reel has the ivorine […]

Youngs Trudex – Grey

Youngs Trudex – Grey£ 65.00 Sold Out

“A less expensive [than the Rapidex] model, constructed for Left or Right Hand Wind, is extremely efficient with all essentials such as Check-work, Bearings and other details as the higher priced models. In addition the following are special features: 1. Exceptionally free running line drum, with bearings of the pivotal centre-pin type. 2. Fitted with […]

Allcocks Aerial Match 9053 T1 4″ Centrepin

Allcocks Aerial Match 9053 T1 4″ Centrepin£ 750.00 Sold Out

“The Aerial Match (not to be confused with the post-war Match Aerial) is arguably one of the most aesthetically appealing Aerials”(Bob Singleton – The Allcock Aerial”) “Described as having ‘fully contracted drum (9/16” between the plates), allowing rapid line recovery. No reel runs so freely, although the pace can be regulated at will by the […]

Allcocks C815 Aerial 3.75″ Black

Allcocks C815 Aerial 3.75″ Black£ 140.00 Sold Out

“In 3 3/4” it is unequalled as a general spinning reel for salmon and pike, and as a float fishing reel. Its free running properties and perfect balance render it suitable for casting the very lightest of baits, and a screw drag is fitted to assist in casting heavier weights. So delicate is the balance […]

Hardy Elarex – boxed with oiler

Hardy Elarex – boxed with oiler£ 125.00 Sold Out

Described as a “quadruple multiplying casting reel” in the 1952 catalogue – the Elarex was the brainchild of L.R.H. Hardy and is a classic baitcasting reel of its type: 4:1 gearing, levelwind, optional check and centrifugal governors. Heavy chrome plating protects the reel – the example here is in excellent order, comes in its rexine¬†case¬†and […]