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Welcome to our store!

Welcome to the home of quality vintage fishing tackle: tackle from the golden age of pleasure angling that still have much joy to give today! If sitting back under a willow, cane rod in hand and watching a beautiful handmade float sounds like the perfect afternoon to you then you are in the right place.

(If you were looking for a “guaranteed” carp bagging tactic for use on an overstocked stew-pond then you aren’t!)

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any queries or if you would like more pictures of a particular product etc. See our “Terms and Conditions” page for information regarding returns and shipping cost etc.

A word on our philosophy: we aim at The VFC to give reasonable prices – if you think a price is unreasonable then get in touch – you never know: you might convince us! In general though I think you will find our items priced considerably below other tackle dealers. To keep prices down we do all that we can – re-use packing materials, find the cheapest postage/ courier and keep overhauls of items to a minimum. We always check items for working condition, and repair any minor faults we find. items with major faults simply won’t be offered for sale (generally they are met with a shrug of the shoulders and tossed into the parts box!). We NEVER repaint items or touch up paint work on reels, and don’t cover rods in thick layers of varnish to disguise any imperfections: we believe that the battle scars that tackle has acquired become a part of it. That being said we do often offer items in unused condition, and of course these can attract premium prices as they appeal to collectors and will have cost us more to acquire.

New Products:

Paul Cook complete landing net – 6ft handle, ash head

Paul Cook complete landing net – 6ft handle, ash head£ 500.00

Ash framed net head – 27″ (front to back) by 19″ (widest point) fitted with green knotless landing net mesh. The 2 piece andle is whipped in dark green with a lovely flamed patterning and high gloss varnish finish. It also has turned brass furniture, turned wooden stopper and is signed by the man himself […]

Hardy Roach Perfection MK II – 11ft

Hardy Roach Perfection MK II – 11ft£ 375.00 Sold Out

This superb 2 piece roach rod was made between 1934-55 and is, in my view, the best roach rod that Hardy ever made. The example here has been completely refurbished by master rod-builder Paul Cook, but he has kept to the original burgundy whippings throughout. Clear original agate lined tip and butt guide, new (correct) […]

Landing net – head and handle 5′ 4″

Landing net – head and handle 5′ 4″£ 70.00 Sold Out

The handle part of this combination is an original vintage handle that has been completely refurbished and the VFC initials added to it. Measuring approx 45″ long and with a lovely burgundy whipping, brass fittings. The net head is a more recent creation – possibly from an old tennis racket? – but one that works […]